Non-invasive, High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Tumor Therapy System (HIFU)

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Non-invasive, High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Tumor Therapy System (HIFU)

AJJ proudly carries a Non-invasive and High- Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Tumor Therapy System , in the name of HIFU-2001.

HIFU-2001's technology relies on the principle of good permeability and aggregation of ultrasonic waves in human tissues to focus high-energy ultrasonic waves through normal tissues and onto treatment sites.

At its narrow focus point, the energy is amplified, supplying an automated and controlled temperature (between 65°C - 90°C) to the treatment site, resulting in irreversible coagulation and necrosis of protein-denatured cell tissue. The energy that passes through healthy tissue is insufficient to cause any significant damage.


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How It Works

Control - Computer, system control software, remote control console. Positioning - Digital B ultrasound, double C-arm gantry, and threedimensional exercise therapy bed. Therapy - Multi-element dual focus ultrasound transducers, power drive and vacuum water treatment system. Reach high temperature instantly. Burn according to the actual outline. Real time monitoring of treatment areas.

Multi-element dual focus technology ensure sound intensity at the focus meets treatment requirements, and the area outside the focus belongs to the safe treatment range.


Range of tumour ablation can be determined through real-time precise positioning of bultrasound, and the treatment can also be adjusted according to the actual situation.


First HIFU treatment equipment with overhead probes. Patients are comfortably placed in a prone position with under head probes. Avoid water from the patient's skin to ensure a more comfortable treatment.


No anaesthesia needed. Flexible power settings and pulsed strikes allows heat to be dissipated at the treatment site, and there is no damage to normal gastrointestinal organs, no serious complications and side effects.


Enhances the effectiveness of the treatment as HIFU does not produce any harmful substances.


3D reconstruction technology allows concentration of treatment heat, saving time and having the ability to remotely controlled.

  • Points are superimposed into lines, lines are arranged into planes, planes are superimposed into forms
  • Can generate over 65°C at the target, which causes coagulation necrosis.
  • Treatment of tumour at 3 cm in size can be completed in 40 minutes.